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Libra Literary Agency





Libra Literary Agency is dedicated to boosting the visibility of Turkey’s acclaimed authors. We aim to present to the world the best of contemporary Turkish literature, starting by introducing the very rich literary culture of Turkey to readers in Europe and North America. In addition to helping writers find the perfect publisher, and establish and advance in their careers, Libra also has a focus on supporting new/budding authors in developing their craft.


If you’re feeling under-represented, and are looking for an agent who will guide you from manuscript to query letter and published book, Libra Literary Agency would be more than happy to welcome you. And, if you feel your story is yet to find its rightful place on the shelves of bookshops, send in your manuscript – we would love to hear from you.



Libra Literary Agency Ltd.

39 Oak Hill

Surbiton  KT6 6DY

London  England

United Kingdom

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