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Sinan Sülün

Short Stories


In the same way that pain and separations are spread across days, happiness and love is divided into moments. Love is the moment, it is short, it is interrupted. Separation is about hours, days, it is continuous. Love is the fragment; separation is the whole. Love is like short, direct shocks given to the heart. The body contracts, convulses, starting from the heart. Sometimes, the love given s too much for the heart. The lover is lost. And sometimes the dosage is exactly right, it is sufficient. In such cases, the lover both falls asleep and wakes up in a time interval that corresponds to one thousandth of a split second. What is seen is seen again, what is heard is heard again. What is lived is lived again. It is for this reason that many lovers believe they have experienced that moment before. That they already know the person they are in love with. Yet this is undoubtedly an illusion. And there is another certain thing: When in love, the world definitely spins faster.

Dandelion comprises three stories: December, Blue Pelican, and the eponymous Dandelion. Each story uses a different method to tell its story of the disappointment and loneliness caused by social pressures, and the ability to hold on to life or the lack of it. 


Sinan Sülün creates three different worlds centred on the defeated, and talks about unemployment, lottery tickets, the hairs of a pelican standing on end, long journeys, old acquaintances, and swellings which won’t go down. Calm, kindhearted, and heartfelt expressions… The world spins faster when one is in love. Dandelion is a collection of masterful stories with a young voice. The spirit of the time, the confusion, the hope, timid touches… Numan wipes off the wounds of the world. The pages contain the intoxicating smell of spring. 


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